Easter Services 2020

Please note: All our services and activities are currently suspended.  Click here to be taken to the Midhurst Parish Church website with more information about what we are doing to provide spiritual and pastoral care to our parishioners and how we can still be church without meeting. 

The page below remains up as information about what would usually be taking place.


Our services during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter Sunday) help us to share in Jesus final week leading to his death and resurrection.  We share our services at this time of year with Midhurst Parish Church.  They are as follows…

Scroll down for more information about each service.

At a glance…

Palm Sunday, April 5th.
8:30am, Woolbeding.

Monday, April 6th.
Compline  (Night Prayer) with homily, 7:30pm, Midhurst.

Tuesday, April 7th.
Compline with homily, 7:30pm, Woolbeding.

Wednesday, April 8th.
Compline with homily, 7:30pm, Midhurst.

Maundy Thursday, April 9th.
Eucharist at 8pm, optional vigil until 10pm, Midhurst.

Good Friday, April 10th.
Messy Easter (craft, service, hot-cross buns, 10am, Midhurst.
Service of the Cross, 2pm, Midhurst.

Easter Sunday. April 12th.
Sunrise service 6:30am, St Ann’s Hill.
Easter Holy Communion, 8:30am, Woolbeding.
Easter Family Celebration (including Eucharist), 10am, Midhurst.

In more detail…

Palm Sunday, April 5th
On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. 

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, April 6th, 7th & 8th
On these evenings we will meet to share the ancient service of night prayer, known as Compline.  The service alone is very short, but we will benefit from a reading and a homily helping us to journey through the week with Jesus.  7:30pm in Midhurst on Monday and Wednesday and All Hallows Woolbeding on Tuesday evening.

Maundy Thursday, April 9th
On Maundy Thursday our focus moves to the events of the evening before Jesus’ death.  Jesus celebrated Passover with his friends and washed their feet.  Our service begins at 8pm in Midhurst and is a simple service of Holy Communion gathered round a low table in the chancel.  Following the service a vigil is held until 10pm.

Good Friday, April 10th
On Good Friday we remember Jesus’ death on the cross.  The Bible tells us that he was nailed to the cross at noon and died at 3pm.  Our quiet and contemplative service of the cross begins at 2pm in Midhurst and ends just after 3pm.   In the morning of Good Friday children and their families are warmly invited to enjoy Messy Easter from 10-12 in Midhurst.  As well as great craft, there is a short service to tell the Easter story and hot cross buns!

Easter Sunday, April 12th
On Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  At our Sunrise Service at 6:30am on St Ann’s Hill we will greet the Easter morning lighting the Paschal Candles. This short service is followed by coffee and pastries at St Ann’s Hall.

The main Easter Holy Communion at All Hallows in Woolbeding is at 8:30am.  This is a traditional language service from the Book of Common Prayer.